Choosing the right venue for you

Choosing your wedding venue will be one of the most difficult decisions to make. Here’s some advice to consider for your photos when scouting.

Firstly, think about the kind of wedding you want and the venue options that will suit your vision. If you’re on Pinterest pinning outdoor ceremonies in beautiful California light, but thinking you’ll have a December wedding in a hotel in Ireland, it’s not going to look the same!

Think about the decor and colours. If you want a blush and pastel spring/summer wedding, choosing a venue with deep warmer colours like reds, will clash with all your carefully chosen details. 

Next, how many guests are you having? For weddings with more than 150 guests, consider a hotel or marquee; for weddings smaller than 100, a private venue or restaurant could work best.

There are pros and cons to a hotel venue. While you will have the benefits of using a venue that has the nitty gritty worked out to a tee and on-site accommodation, if you’re hoping to be more adventurous and creative, hotels can be restrictive and bland in terms of menu and decor. 

Private venues, on the other hand are often beautiful locations with true character and personality, and will usually provide a more interesting backdrop for your photos.

When you visit your venue, think about your photos. Outside, are there gorgeous gardens, or interesting spots? Inside, think about the light. Is it bright, with lots of windows and natural light? Putting lots of effort and money into personal details, you want to be sure your photographer can capture these well.

It’s good to have a contingency plan for bad weather, so ensure that there’s nice spaces, with light inside the venue that will work for photos in case of bad weather. If you’re considering having the ceremony outdoors, speak to the venue about the options in case of rain.

Finally, check the exclusivity of the venue. You want to ensure your wedding will be the only one there that day, and that you’ll be able to have an intimate private celebration, without strangers taking sneaky peaks of your wedding!

Ideally, choose somewhere with neutral decor and the flexibility to personalise it as much as you want. You’ll know if it’s right for you, as soon as you see it! Happy planning!