Top 3 tips for the morning of your wedding

To make the morning of your wedding run as smoothly and relaxed as possible, it’s a good idea to have all these things planned in advance.

1. Preparing the details

Naturally, you’re going to want a gorgeous shot of your dress hanging before you step into it. The first thing I recommend is having a nice wooden hanger for it - it looks so much better than a plastic one. Secondly, make sure your tags are removed and those little stringy bits at the side! Finally, drape it from the nicest wardrobe in the house or the room you’re getting ready in, ready to be captured in all its glory! Make sure all your details - shoes, jewellery, rings, anything sentimental you’ll be wearing, are all together ready to be shot by your photographer.


2. Getting ready

To get the best shots, ideally the room you get ready in should be the biggest and brightest in your home. Once you’re in your dress, and ready to be zipped/laced up, stand next to a large window with lots of natural light streaming through. Ensure that the room is clean and tidy and free from clutter. You may want to call on your family to help you prep the room the day before.


3. Allow extra time for everything

Start with extra time from the very beginning of the day. I recommend getting into your dress an hour before you intend to leave for the ceremony. This part often takes a little longer than people expect, especially if your dress is more complicated. You want to take your time with this part - and to ensure you get nice shots - your mum buttoning your dress, your bridesmaids helping put on your jewellery and shoes. These are moments you want to relish, and the last thing you want is to be flustered if there’s a wardrobe malfunction. Allowing this extra time ensures there’s plenty time for great relaxed bridal portraits, on your own and with your bridal party and family.


Happy planning!