The importance of a complementary colour palette.

As a designer, I’ve found that often people don’t realise the importance of selecting a colour scheme for their wedding early on in the planning process. Having a complementary colour palette is really important for your photos, and ultimately having a beautiful cohesive look for your wedding album. The colour scheme you choose will largely depend on your venue, the time of year you’re getting married and the theme if you have one.

Image: One Fab Day via Pinterest

Firstly, think of the time of year. Maybe you’re getting married at a venue in Spring that has cherry blossom trees, or having a Christmas wedding with a warm and decadent interior. Softer pastel shades generally work best for Spring and Summer, and create a more romantic feel.

Secondly, think of your venue and the existing decor there. Think about the style and mood you want to portray. Keep an open mind about colours until you’ve chosen the venue, and think about how your preferred colours will work there. 

Image: One Fab Day via Pinterest

Next, think about the flowers you want to have, and make sure they’re in season at that time of year. The colour scheme you choose will not only be incorporated into your flowers, but the bridesmaids and groomsmen, decor details, the cake, and your invitations. Your invitations will be the first thing your guests see, so it’s important that the design hints at the style and mood of the day.

Image: One Fab Day via Pinterest

Choose your main colour, a colour you love, that’s easy to find. Next choose one or two supporting complementary colours. Finally, choose one neutral and light colour that will complement everything. A quick search on Pinterest will give you lots of colour palette ideas and complementary combinations.

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“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. ” - Oscar Wilde