Why You Should Consider Having an Unplugged Wedding

If you haven’t thought about having an unplugged wedding, there are a multitude of reasons you should consider it.

Understandably, your guests will want to capture the day too, so I advise going unplugged during the ceremony at least. Not only is it important, and respectful to the couple to be there in the moment, there’s a chance your photographer’s images could be obstructed or ruined with guests leaning out into the aisle, and using flashes, particularly with iPads and selfie sticks.

Furthermore, some couples don’t wish to have their special day all over social media to people they don’t even know, couples want their guests to enjoy the day, appreciate the effort and planning that has gone into it, and have a good time. You invited your guests to come and celebrate your love on this day so you want them to be present and not viewing it through a screen.

You may wish to kindly ask your guests to not take photos and keep their phones in their pockets just for the ceremony and while you walk down the aisle. Just a simple note on the invite or the wedding programme asking for all guests to kindly turn off their devices, phones and cameras.

It’s also more likely you’ll see the first shots in the following days from your photographer, which you can be confident you look great in!


Image Cred: Corey Ann Photography
Claire Brown